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Company History

cat63sm flyerbigsmMigali Industries has been theĀ leading manufacturer for commercial foodservice equipment for 60 years. Shortly after WW II, Bruno Migali began the B.E. Migali corporation in a rented out garage located in South Philadelphia. He originally manufactured metal kick-plates for the front doors of many Philadelphia row homes. Eventually he began making hood systems, stainless worktops and custom-made stainless kitchen cabinetry. In the early 1960’s, Bruno began to see the enormous need for standardized refrigeration equipment in the hotel and foodservice industry. He soon hired refrigeration engineers, production managers and constructed a sales force. In just a few short years, the Migali name became highly respected and admired for its superior quality and value against competing brands. Migali Industries has since grown into an internationally recognized manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment that distributes products worldwide.

Migali proudly remains a privately held, American family owned corporation.

The Competitor Series:

The Competitor Series is built to out compete available brands by incorporating crisp sleek designs, energy saving technologies, and high quality components and parts; all at prices that won’t break the bank.

With the Competitor Series, it is our on-going goal to offer the perfect balance of quality, service and price to our distributors and end-user customers. The highly competitive commercial refrigeration industry demands ever increasing quality and customer service while finding ways to become more efficient to reduce product costs. The Competitor Series is the answer to these demands.

We offer the essential refrigeration sizes that almost every
restaurant, hotel or institution needs. Most of our products are
always in stock and available for next day shipping.